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The Asset Tracker Pro is used by Google Map customers of all sizes, including large companies and government agencies as well as individual personal trackers. Powerful enough to provide dependable real time tracking for the largest organizations, the GPS system’s excellent interface is phenomenally Google Map. Whether you’re interested in AVL fleet tracking, or you just one to keep tabs on your loved one, the Asset Tracker Pro is a formidable real time.

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Street View in Google Maps lets you explore places through 360-degree street-level imagery, whether you’re looking at locations in your town or across the globe. With Street View, you can check out a restaurant before going there, find beautiful places around the world to visit on your next vacation, or check out neighborhoods when you’re looking to move.

This information shows a sample of the areas in which our cars are currently operating. We try to make sure the information is accurate and kept up to date, but because of factors outside our control (weather, road closures, etc), it is always possible that our cars may not be operating, or be operating in areas that are not listed. In these circumstances, we’ll try to update the list as soon as we can. Please also be aware that where the list specifies a particular city, this may include smaller cities and towns that are within driving distance.

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I have the N800 paired successfully with a tiny Holux GPSlim240 receiver. The Holux seems to take minutes rather than seconds to find a fix from cold, otherwise it seems to work very well. No problem observing a track in MM but when I am stationary, the fix wanders erratically until I resume forward movement. My solution is to disable GPS from within MM while static in order to stop my screen becoming one large Etch-a-Sketch doodle. As I am new to the whole GPS thing, I do not know whether this is to be expected or is a function of my receiver or typical of GPS devices in general. Ideas anyone?

If I know generally where I will be travelling, it is not difficult to download map data along the route prior to departure, given a WiFi connection. I usually prefer to use google maps. Here’s the thing…I repeatedly am unable to download maps beyond a certain zoom level, usually no closer than level 2 or 3. I’ll get an error message after MM shows the map download status to be complete, saying “‘x’ maps failed to download”, where ‘x’ is the precise number involved for a particular area. Given that MM displays a positive map download status, I assume there is lots of map data available, but why can I not import it all? I have lots of space available on two 2GB SD cards.

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Google Maps are flat maps that function within a web browser. The Google Maps service was originally created as a Mapas Google means of providing driving directions, and this is the purpose for which Google Maps are most commonly used. Google Maps offer several different views of the landscape, including Street, Traffic, Map, Satellite, and Terrain, which can be selected using buttons in the upper-right. The More button displays points on the map that can be clicked to view photos and Wikipedia articles that apply to the marked locations.

New for version 4 of Google Maps is support for Buzz. This location-aware service allows you to spread the word to people around you about what you’re doing, or about what you think of a certain place. Simply tap on a location and you have the option to type something about that place. Enable the Buzz layer from the options menu and you’ll be able to see what people around you are Mapas Google saying.

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Google Maps (formerly Google Local) is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, free (for non- Map Google commercial use), that powers many map-based services, including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and maps embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps API.

It offers street maps, a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or public transport and an urban business locator for numerous countries around the world. According to one of its creators, Google Maps is “a way of organizing the world’s information geographically”.

Google Maps is now loaded with features to help you connect with people around you. Its Latitude service allows you to track the position of your friends anywhere on the planet (and vice versa). You simply need to create a Google profile then load in your contacts. Google Maps for mobile then displays their locations on the map, making it easier to hook up (or avoid them!) if they are near Map Google you.

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Instead Google Map of clicking on the controls to pan left, right, in and out and so on, users could just use the new driving-wheel to move to the location desired. According to the patent, it “allows the user to rotate smoothly in all directions without incremental stops.”

More usefully, Google Maps is one of the best route finders available allowing you to generate directions from any two points on the globe. It uses your GPS data to plot where you are on a map, effectively making Google Maps a satellite navigation system. What’s more, if you flick on Street View from the Layers menu, you’ll be able to confirm that you’re on the right track.

I think perhaps the biggest challenge I face every time I load Google Maps is related to Street View—namely, pinpointing the exact location I wish to view, and navigating down streets using the arrows. Is there anything else you’d like to see changed in Google Maps or Street View? [Google patent via GoRumors].  Several commenters pointed out that the navigational controls are similar to that of Google Earth’s—something I hadn’t realized, as I can’t remember the last time I looked at it. It’s crazy that in this day and age, you still have to download it to your desktop—why not incorporate it into the Google Map browser along with Google Maps?

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If Google Maps you don’t know what Google Maps is by now then you’ve either been on a different planet or you’ve been getting very lost on this one. Google Maps uses a close variant of the Mercator projection, so it cannot show areas around the poles. A related product is Google Earth, a stand-alone program which offers more globe-viewing features, including showing polar areas.

Google Maps has been transforming the way I, for one, find my way round strange cities or locate great bars and restaurants. One of the problems though is that I have needed a PC to use it, which is not so good when I’m walking down roads I don’t recognize. Well problem solved, or so it Google MapS seems. Because now Google Maps is accessible by PDA.